Provincial Charity Newsletter No.19

Charity Liaison Officers

There are two new additions to the Holy Royal Arch Provincial charity team since the last newsletter so I thought I’d start the Autumn 2017 edition with an update on the changes. Welcome to E Comp Martyn Carslake and Comp Liam Mallon, both of whom are very experienced Royal Arch Masons and, I am sure, will make a valuable contribution to our collective Charity efforts.

Eagle Group E Comp Jack Kinch
Lion Group E Comp Len Yeoell
  E Comp Martyn Carslake
Man Group E Comp Martin Turner
  Comp Liam Mallon
Ox Group E Comp John Arnold
  E Comp Simon Crust

The CLO’s are appointed to assist Chapter Charity Stewards with support and advice on all matters relating to charity. Please do not hesitate to contact your CLO, or me, prior to your Chapter’s next Convocation for the latest charity updates.

2019 Festival Appeal

I am excited to report that the Province has now smashed through £2,250,000 including RPP’s and interest. This means we have a mere £1,000,000 to collect in approximately 20 months to achieve the Most Excellent Grand Superintendents target. The Holy Royal Arch continues to make significant contributions towards achieving this goal. However, complacency is our enemy and we need to continue our focus on the Festival.

As of the end of August 2017, 88 Chapters had received contribution achievement awards. There are 18 Chapters who have achieved Bronze award, a further 35 Chapters have got to Silver and an amazing 35 Chapters have made it all the way to Gold award. This really is a wonderful effort by all the Companions of our Royal Arch Province and I would sincerely like to thank each and every Companion who has contributed thus far.

If your Chapter has yet to reach Bronze level or you would like your Chapter to achieve a higher award please contact either myself, your CLO or your Chapters’ Official Visitor and we will offer any assistance or advice we can.

There is still time for Companions who have yet to acquire a Festival Stewards breast jewel to do so by making either a single donation to the Festival of £150 or a regular promise to pay commitment of £7.50 per month which then qualifies you to purchase the Stewardship jewel for £24. Your CLO can assist you if you have any questions or by visiting and clicking on the Festival tab.

The Big Push Initiative

In February 2018 seminars will be held in the Province to launch “The Big Push” initiative. Many exciting events are being planned for the final months of the Festival and all will become clear at the seminars... watch out for more information in the Surrey Mason, Provincial web sites, posters and flyers at Surrey Masonic Centres.

Provincial Zip Wire Challenge

As part of “The Big Push” initiative 40+ intrepid ‘zippers’, including our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, will travel to North Wales on 15th July 2018 to hurtle down the longest zip wire in Europe at speeds in excess of 70mph.

If you or your Chapter would like to sponsor the event, donations can be made via the Provincial web site or by contacting me or your CLO for assistance.

The Provincial 500 CLUB

Membership of the 500 Club remains £15.00 per year and is open to both individuals and Chapters.

There are two draws each year. One in the Summer and the other in December. This year, the first draw will take place at the Annual Convocation Festive Board being held on Wednesday 24th May at Great Queen Street where the 1st prize will be £1,000, 2nd prize £500, 3rd prize £200, 4th prize £125 & 5th prize £50.

If you are not already a member, don’t worry because membership application forms will be available prior to the Annual Convocation and signing up takes just 2 minutes AND will entitle you to be entered into that day’s draw. Royal Arch CLO’s will be on hand on the day to assist you with filling out the application.

The Provincial 500 CLUB

Membership of the 500 Club remains £15.00 per year and is open to both Chapters and individual Companions.

50% of the income is given away in prizes and the other 50% is donated to local Surrey based Charities.

There are two draws each year. One in the Summer, normally at the Annual Convocation Festive Board, and the other in December. 1st prize is £1,000, 2nd prize £500, 3rd prize £200, 4th prize £125 & 5th prize £50.

If you or your Chapter are not already members, don’t worry because membership application forms are available to down load from the Provincial web site and are attached to this newsletter for convenience. I urge you to seriously consider putting your Chapter forward for membership to this very inexpensive way of contributing to worthy local Surrey causes.

Charity Relief Chests

I am delighted to inform you that 56 Relief Chests are now being successfully operated by Surrey Chapters. That’s not far short of 50% of all Chapters in Surrey. These Chapters benefit from an additional 25p in every £1 on all gift aided donations. Where else can Chapters get a 25% return on their benevolent monies?

May I take this opportunity to dispel a long held Relief Chest myth; “Once money is in a Relief Chest it can only be donated to a Masonic Charity”.

This is simply not true. Monies can be donated from a Relief Chest to any registered Charity. In addition, money in a Relief Chest can also be accessed, in an emergency, for indigent Companions and/or their immediate families who might be in distressed circumstances.

I strongly encourage all Chapters to open a Relief Chest as quickly as possible. Setting up a Relief Chest for your Chapter could not be simpler, requiring the completion of only two documents and submitting them to The Grand Charity. They take care of everything else. The CLO team is there to assist you with answers to any questions you may have and to assist with completing the forms if you wish. Just give us a call or send an e mail if we can help.

Surrey for Surrey

S4S continues to be an important element to our Province’s Charitable giving armoury. I have taken the liberty of copy/pasting below the latest S4S newsletter from W.Bro Steve Butwell, S4S Chairman, which is self-explanatory. I hope you find it useful:

Brethren & Companions,

I had the pleasure of attending a cheque presentation to the Prostate Project at the Royal Surrey Hospital on the 16th of May, this year. Journalists from local newspapers were in attendance and an article appeared in the Surrey Advertiser on the 2nd June promoting the Surrey for Surrey scheme and Surrey Freemasons for donations now topping £50k to the Prostate Project. A wonderful achievement. Thank you to all those Lodges & Chapters who contributed.

Please keep sending me pictures and any newspaper articles of donations made. Also, please do remember to ensure that your Lodge Secretary or Chapter Scribe E declares all your donations on the OVF1 (this is the form that should be filled out when your Official Visitor attends your Lodge\Chapter). If you are donating a cheque and would like me to attend on behalf of S4S please phone or e-mail me the details.

Donations going via S4S are on the increase, with more and more Lodges & Chapters are now using the scheme to put their donations through. Lastly, a reminder for your diaries: the next Surrey for Surrey Presentation Evening will be on December 12th at the Croydon Masonic Centre – Make sure you book-in early.

Kind Regards – Steve Butwell
(Chairman - Surrey For Surrey Scheme)
Telephone: 07919-406 668

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent’s Chosen Charities

In addition to the 2019 Festival, MEGS will continue to support TLC, Lifelites and Tadworth Children’s Trust (TCT) as his chosen charities. TLC & Lifelites are already widely supported by Surrey Freemasons and so I would like to focus a little more on Tadworth Children’s Trust.

Tadworth Children’s Trust
Is the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury. The Trust works with children and young people from across the country, both from their specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey, as well as local communities. Their vision is for all children with brain injury to have the opportunity to live the best life possible.

Every year over 40,000 children in the UK are left with a brain injury as a result of an accident or illness. This is known as acquired brain injury. Many children make a good recovery, but thousands have to live with ongoing, long-term difficulties. The Tadworth Children’s Trust’s rehabilitation, community and online services are there to support all children with acquired brain injury and their families. Thousands more children are born with brain injuries or develop severe disabilities as a result of a degenerative condition. Their medical services and special school give children with the most complex disabilities and health needs the chance to live their lives to the full. For further information visit

Tadworth Children’s Trust has a requirement for a Pegasus bed (similar to an ambulance trolley bed, but a bit more sophisticated). It costs £7,000. The Pegasus bed will allow for the transportation of certain types of brain injured children to participate in group days out, visiting places of interests and general outings enabling them to have fun and enjoy fresh air.

Here is where your help is needed: The Holy Royal Arch Province of Surrey has launched an initiative to acquire a Pegasus bed. Many Chapters have a benevolent fund designated for non-Masonic purposes. If your Chapter has monies that need a home, however small the amount might be, a donation via Surrey for Surrey, would be hugely appreciated. Each donation will be acknowledged and a list of donating Chapters will be compiled and shared with Tadworth Children’s Trust. Please send donations to the Provincial office marked for the attention of Surrey for Surrey. Cheques or relief chest vouchers should be made out to Surrey for Surrey and endorsed with Tadworth Children’s Trust ‘Pegasus bed’.

On behalf of the Royal Arch Charity team, may I thank you in advance for your kind consideration of this initiative.

The Charity Steward’s Gala Dinner

As part of the permanent Provincial calendar, the fifth annual Charity Steward’s Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday 25th November 2017 at the Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge KT13 9HB. Places are fast running out and if you are keen to attend, please contact W.Bro Ian Taylor on e mail as soon as possible.

Please feel free to use the content of this or previous E Newsletters in your next Chapter Charity Report if you so choose.

Yours sincerely & fraternally

E Comp Mark Watkins
Provincial Grand Charity Steward

13th October 2017

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