Septem Chapter hosts the Cryer Commentaries Demonstration

On Tuesday 4th September 2018, Septem Chapter No 5887 hosted the Cryer Commentaries. This was a Demonstration of the Exaltation ceremony carried out by the Provincial Support Team.

The team was lead by E.Comp. Steve Wigmore, AProvGP, assisted by E.Comp. Des O’Hara, PProvGStwd, as MEZ; E.Comp. Steve Guzy, PProvGReg, as H; E.Comp. Mark Donovan, ProvGSoj, as J; and E.Comp. Luke McGeary, who acted as PS. These Companions were supported by E.Comp. John Billett, PGStB, ProvGDC, as Scribe N; E.Comp. Richard Billington, as 1st Assistant Sojourner and E.Comp. Dennis May, PAGDC, PAProvGP, as Janitor. The “Candidate” was E.Comp. Richard Floyd, PAGSoj, and the Director of Ceremonies was E.Comp. Michael Barnes, PAGSoj. A Stellar cast!

Thirty one Companions were present at the convocation, including the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Richard Knox (a member of Septem Chapter), E.Comp. Stephen Dingvean, Second Provincial Grand Principal, and E.Comp. Eugene Regan, Third Provincial Grand Principal. Thirty Companions sat down to a sumptuous festive board presided over by the three Principals of the Chapter.

Septem Chapter hosts the Cryer Commentaries Demonstration

From the eight members of Septem Chapter only four were able to attend. However, that did not prevent the Companions enjoying the company of twenty six visitors who made sure it was a vibrant convocation.

Septem Chapter are looking for new members. if you would like to progress through the Chairs more rapidly than you can in your mother Chapter, or would like to take on any other role that is not available to you in your own Chapter, contact Richard Knox the Deputy Grand Superintendent who is currently the acting Scribe E. Contact details are in the yearbook.

Article and photo by Richard Knox

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