Tadworth Children’s Trust Ferno Pegasus Bed Handover

Thursday the 13th September was a bright and sunny day when our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Ian Michael Chandler, the Second Provincial Grand Principal, Stephen Dingvean, and Royal Arch Charity Steward, Mark Watkins; together with Chris Eley Photographer ‘extraordinaire’, arrived at The Children’s Trust, Tadworth to officially hand over the Ferno Pegasus Bed to the charity.

Tadworth Children’s Trust Ferno Pegasus Bed Handover

This was the culmination of a short, but intense, Provincial initiative primarily driven by the Royal Arch to provide this vital piece of equipment. The Children’s Trust fundraising team was there en-bloc, accompanied by their Chief Executive Mr Dalton Leong and Transport Manager, Mr Richard Fauvet to formally accept the bed.

Tadworth Children’s Trust Ferno Pegasus Bed Handover

A parent and child from the charity kindly demonstrated the Pegasus bed in operation. The bed really is a sophisticated bit of kit. It loads into the vehicle by way of an automatic tail lift quickly and smoothly and is then secured into place using a specially designed floor mounted-clamping system.

The mother explained that because the bed is independently sprung it enables her child to be transported to and from home in safety and comfort and with minimal stress. It will also mean that she can now participate in outings with her friends. She went on to express her grateful thanks to the Freemason’s of Surrey for their generosity in providing the Pegasus Bed.

Tadworth Children’s Trust Ferno Pegasus Bed Handover

During a conversation with our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Mr Dalton Leong stated that during a six month trial of the Ferno Pegasus Bed savings of £10,000 were achieved by no longer having to hire private ambulances to do the same job and that The Children’s Trust would be considering a second Pegasus bed for another of their newer, even larger vehicles.

Tadworth Children’s Trust Ferno Pegasus Bed Handover

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent was not slow on the uptake and has charged the Royal Arch Charity team of working with The Children’s Trust fundraising group to establish the need for another piece of vital equipment – whether this might be for another Pegasus Bed or something else. WATCH THIS SPACE.

It was a most heart-warming couple of hours in the sunshine ending with hugs and handshakes all round.

Article by Mark Watkins and photos by Chris Eley

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