A Special Afternoon for Royal Borough of Kingston Chapter.

On the 24th April 2019 the Companions of the Royal Borough of Kingston Chapter No. 4614 were honoured by a visit from E.Comp. Alan Cain, PGStB, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals. E.Comp. Alan was there to present a Long Service Award to E.Comp. Michael Gardener, PGStB, in celebration of 50 years service to Royal Arch Masonry. The Chapter was opened by the MEZ, E.Comp. Ray Chambers, PPGSoj, who welcomed E.Comp Alan Cain and wished him a most enjoyable Convocation. E.Comp. Alan gave the apologies of E.Comp. Eugene Regan, Third Provincial Grand Principal, who unfortunately could not attend at the last minute. The first item on the agenda was to Induct E.Comp. Paul Kerswell, LGCR, into the Second Principal’s Chair. Special Afternoon for RBK
A ballot was taken for Bro. Patrick Broom of Plumsted Lodge No 7589 and Bro. John Emmanuel of Arnold Lodge No 1981. This proved in their favour. The MEZ conducted the Exaltation Ceremony in an excellent and sincere manner, assisted by Comp. Jack Armitstead and E.Comp. John Edser, who both performed the office of Principal Sojourner in an excellent manner. The Signs were given by E.Comp. Simon Crust and the Mystical Lecture was given by E.Comp. John Luke. Companions Patrick and John were welcomed into the Holy Royal Arch and the Province of Surrey by the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals, Special Afternoon for RBK
The MEZ then invited E.Comp. Chris Eley, PGStB, to present a Supreme Grand Chapter Certificate to Comp. Trevor Nell, which he did in his own interesting and informative way.
Special Afternoon for RBK
E.Comp. Alan Cain, then had much pleasure in presenting a 50 Year Certificate to E.Comp. Michael Gardener. E.Comp. Alan first spoke about Michael Gardener the man and then highlighted the key points in Michael’s distinguished Masonic career. Michael was initiated into the Royal Borough of Kingston Lodge on the 9th September 1964 and Exalted into the Royal Borough of Kingston Chapter on the 23rd April 1969. 50 years and one day later he received his Certificate of Long Service to the Holy Royal Arch. Michael, who has been a member of five Craft Lodges and Three Royal Arch Chapters holds the Grand Ranks of PJGD in the Craft and PGStB in the Royal Arch. He was also an Official Visitor in the Royal Arch Province of Surrey from 1997 to 2008 and was appointed to the rank of Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals in 2008. Michael was MEZ of two Royal Arch Chapters and is currently the Director of Ceremonies for the Royal Borough of Kingston Chapter. A truly distinguished career.
Special Afternoon for RBK
A proposition to donate the sum of £930 to a number of charities was approved by the Companions. After the Chapter was closed and the photographs taken the Companions of Royal Borough of Kingston Chapter and their many guests sat down to a splendid festive board at the Surbiton Masonic Hall.
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