Royal Arch Convocation of Jersey

Three representatives of the Province attended the Royal Arch Convocation of Jersey in September at the invitation of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Ron Rondel. The team consisted of E Comp Alan Bayliss, Past Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Mike Robinson, Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, E Comp Steve Jones, Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals was taken along to carry their bags as his baggage remained on the tarmac in Gatwick getting wet!
The Annual Convocation was a farewell for Jersey’s highest ranking mason as he steps down as head of the Royal Arch and Craft after 10 successful years. The meeting was held in the centre famously ransacked by the Germans when they invade the Island. Much of the Masonic fixtures were removed to Berlin never to return. The centre has recently been refurbished, following a generous bequest, to an impeccable standard.
The Province invited their visitors to a white table dinner the following evening in the Royal Yacht Club Hotel. E Comp Mike and Steve took their wives along for the trip. The German Hospital was duly visited, the Island was toured in sub-zero, artic blizzard conditions, however most of the down time was spent in the Lamplighters Hostelry. After finishing the keg of Marston’s Pedigree, our intrepid Companions started on the Youngs keg, interspersed with the occasional whiskey from a choice of over 500!
The” bag carrier” celebrated his birthday on the Island was treated to a birthday cake and balloon by Mike and his wife Carol. The “bag carrier” said he would be back next year, E Comp Mike said he “wasn’t so sure”.