The Provincial 500 Club

Join the Provincial 500 club for the chance to win £1000

The Provincial 500 club has been established to raise funds for the Surrey for Surrey Provincial fund, while at the same time providing members of the club the opportunity to win worthwhile cash prizes. 50% of the contributions will be donated to the Surrey for Surrey Fund and 50% will be returned as cash prizes.

Membership of the Club is open to both Companions, Brethren and their immediate family members and Chapters and Lodges, it costs just £15.00 per year per number payable by standing order, you are allocated a number. If your number is drawn you could win up to £1000. To increase your chances of winning multiple numbers can be purchased. The number(s) will remain yours for so long as you wish to continue to be a member.

There will be two Draws; one at the Annual Meeting in June and one at Christmas. The Prizes at each draw (dependant on member numbers) are; £1000, £500, £200, £125, and £50.

Complete the standing order mandate (see below). Each membership number costs £15 if you want more than one number, e.g. 2 numbers the is cost £30, 3 numbers, £45 and so on, please complete the payment section with the full amount. Return the completed Standing Order Mandate to the Provincial Chapter office, who will forward it to your bank for you

Thank you. Your contribution and support will enable the Province to raise vital funds to support our charitable objectives.

Standing Order Mandate for the Provincial 500 Club