The Surrey For Surrey Scheme

"It’s all about supporting local charities by combining our donations into more useful amounts."
The Surrey for Surrey Scheme provides an opportunity for Lodges and Chapters to enhance their donations to their favourite charities by combing them with donations from other Lodges and Chapters to the same causes therein creating a larger more useful donation to be made. Surrey for Surrey is also in place to create an investment fund that will, in future years, help to maintain the charitable aims of the Province.

The Lodge or Chapter decides how much they wish to donate and then selects how they want that donation to be applied. They can select one, two or all of the options below so long as the PCC Treasurer is given clear instructions when the donation is sent to him. ALL donations will be acknowledged by the PCC individually.

DESIGNATED CHARITY: To be used when a specific charity is to be the beneficiary.
When a donation is made to a designated charity the PCC will register the name of the Lodge or Chapter that has made the donation and the amount. An acknowledgement will be sent from the PCC to the Lodge or Chapter.
The donation will be added to other donations that have been received for the same charity. After a period of about three months, or until such a time as to meeta specific aim i.e. the purchase of a piece of equipment, the donation will then either be sent to the Charity or the Charity will be invited to attend a presentation to receive their donation.

UNDESIGNATED CHARITY: To be used when no charity has been specified to be the beneficiary.
When a donation is made by a Lodge or Chapter that is un-designated, the PCC will send an acknowledgement to that Lodge or Chapter. The donation will then be used to support emergency donations made by the PCC at short notice or other special causes brought before the PCC. It may also be used to top-up donations to charities that have already received designated amounts. This may be to achieve a specific target or project. All un-designated donations will go to charitable causes.

INVESTMENT FUND: To be used when a Lodge or Chapter wants to support the growth of the Investment Fund.

The Province are keen to build up a fund that can be invested and that will subsequently produce investment income. This ‘income’ will, in the long term, allow for ongoing support being offered to Surrey charities. The investment income may also provide a means to ease the demands on Surrey Masons during Festival Appeals by supporting those Charities that may receive less support during these times.

By Cheque: The Lodge or Chapter can send a cheque to the PCC Treasurer, making sure that details of how the donation is to be used, i.e. for a designated charity, are included. Cheques should be made payable to The PCC.

From your Relief Chest: If the Lodge or Chapter are making a donation from their relief chest then a Green Relief Chest Voucher needs to be completed by the Lodge or Chapter and sent to the relief chest. It is advisable that the cheque be sent back to the Lodge or Chapter so that they can send it on to the PCC Treasurer with instructions on how to allocate the funds. The information required to complete the Green Form is as follows. Charity Name – Surrey Provincial Charity Fund, Registered Charity Number - 1136154, Charity Address. 71 Oakfield Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2UX.

PCC Treasurer: W. Bro. Mike Kemsley.  12 Heathfield South, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 7SS.